Sustainability is a large concept. In short, it means that in a sustainable world, people, the environment and the economy are in balance. In this way we don’t exhaust the earth.

You can read below what this means for our daily activities:


Solar panels were installed on a part of our business space in 2017. Since 2018 we are able to provide almost the entire company with self-generated electricity. The energy that’s consumed is green electricity. If we have a surplus of self-generated electricity, we’re able to feed part of it back to the grid, so others can use it.

By growing with the season as much as possible, which means warm in the summer and colder in the winter, we use as little gas as possible. We are also looking for solutions to be able to grow without gas in the future.

Crop protection 

When it comes to protecting our crop, we use organic products as much as possible. Only in an emergency should a chemical pesticide be used. We would like to switch to fully organic cultivation, but with the current protective equipment it’s not possible yet. We are, together with our team and employees, looking to find a solution for this.


Our waste flows are seperated from each other. The plastic, paper and organic waste are collected separately and deliverd to the designated locations. In addition, the packaging we use is reused as much as possible. For example, we use a tray washer to clean used trays and then reuse them within our company.



MPS had been en established quality mark within the flower and plant sector for years. It’s checked with products are used by the growers. Based on the used resources, the category in which the grower belongs is determined on the basis of a fixed framework.

We are in possession of an MPS-A certificate within this quality mark.


This certificate goes further than the MPS-ABC certificate. This one goes further into the use resources, safety, staff and the possibilities to trace plant material. There is an annual check to determine whether the correct procedures are being used by us.

We are in possession of an MPS-GAP certificate.


The GAP Risk Assessment on Social Practise (GRASP) certificate goes further into the social aspects of a company. This is intended to work in the right working conditions with good employment practises. It assesses, among other things, the remuneration level of employees and the health and safety aspects. In this way a socially responsible way of doing business for the employees is supported.

We are in possession of an MPS-GRASP certificate.


The SQ in this certificate stands for ‘Socially Qualified’. This further examines the social aspects of the organization. This means that all laws and regulations regarding the deployment of staff are complied with and that there is a safe workplace.

We are in possession of an MPS-SQ certificate.