The beginning…

In 1927, 40.000 m² of land was bought in Kudelstaart. The first company was founded here.

The company consisted of different parts. For example, dairy cows were kept and agriculture was practiced. In addition, there was a 540 m² greenhouse where Carnations, cut greens, cacti and succulents were grown. The assortment at the time consisted of Sanseverias, Crassulas, Opuntias and the Chamaecereus Silvestrii. These products were sold to florists and small traders.

The horticulture was expanded around 1954 through the leadership of Gerard Ubink. More Carnations were grown and he starded with growing roses. The company grew steadily to 3.600 m². 540 m² of this surface was willed with cacti and succulents.

Late 1970’s

Around this time, Gerard took the plunge and traveled to Spain, the Canary Islands and Morocco in search of new types of cacti and succulents. Although Gerard didn’t speak an international language, the first plants were importerd soon.

When he came home from his journeys, relatives were asked to take care of the correspondence.

Early 1980’s

From this moment, a new generation was ready. Gerard’s 3 sons, namely Gert, Edwin and John, took over the leadership from this moment. This ensured that a new building was organized every 2 years and a steady growth of the company. A participation in a nursery on Tenerife followed at the end of the 80’s.

In ’00

There was plany of expansions and development. In Kudelstaard, the company of the neighbors was taken over and a large expansion of 20.000 m² could be realized. This extension is fully automated. These greenhouses have a completely new cultivation systeem, with ebb and flow watering and roll containers. The company is also being renewed in phases and a further expansion of the company has started in 2018.


Handelskwekerij UBINK B.V. is with the leadership of the 3 brothers grown into a leading company in Europe in the field of cacti and succulents. The company has 60.000 m² of modern greenhouses where production is carried out in the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

Moreover, they have been a shareholder of Succulent Valley since 2009. This nursery is located in the sunny south of Tenerife where a modern production location of 120.000 m² has been set up.

In Kudelstaart, orders are picked every day and customers could be advised by the sales team. UBINK B.V. was therfore voted as the most valueble supplier of the Dutch Flower Groep in 2014.

New varieties have been developed througt the breeding of a number of Echeverias. These varieties are protected by plant breeders’ rights and are cultivated under license in for example America.

1965 - Construction boiler house

1982 - Trade exhibition Aalsmeer

1995 - Winner Cizikbeker, International Horti Fair